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Many people like the finer things in life whether it be a top of the range car or the most expensive Champagne or the finest cut diamonds, so why would they not also want the best quality sex toys they could buy.

With our exclusive designs and hand crafted, hand finished toys we know that not any two of our toys are exactly the same, meaning that every toy is unique and not mass produced from a cast.

With our 4play dildo we hope to be getting invloved with some safe sex campaigns as that it what the 4play was designed for. The addition of a condom just adds that little bit extra and this product will surely be a hit with "Escorts" as their clients treat them to a nice luxury sex toy safe in the knowledge there will always be a condom at hand.

We will be adding more and more designer adult toys including gold butt plugs, gold penis plugs etc.

For now we are concentrating on the designs we have and getting our name out there. We are also looking for quality "partners" to help us take our products forward and become a recognised brand.

Why a gold sex toy makes a unique present

Each relationship reaches that point where buying a present becomes a real hassle. It might be that you have exhausted all your options or that your partner has not given you any preferential hints lately. The best solution for this tricky situation is to buy her a unique sex toy as a present. Forget about the traditional, boring kinky devices and get her a gold dildo. There are many benefits that will result from this bold purchase and here are the main ones:

Unique sexual pleasure

Women are crazy about jewelry, especially golden pieces. Girls also love a good sexual experience. If you manage to combine these two pleasures, you will surely satisfy your partner. A gold sex toy is the ideal gift for any sort of anniversary. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a marriage milestone or even her new promotion, this kinky dildo will make her a happy and satisfied woman.

A funny experience

If your girlfriend has a great sense of humor, she will thoroughly appreciate giving her a gold sex toy. The image of a big, shiny dildo made from an expensive metal will surely make her burst into laughter. Besides the sexual pleasure that she will get from using it, she will always have a big smile on her face that will remind her of your unique and quirky idea.

A golden opportunity

A gold sex toy could easily set the stage for even kinkier presents. Giving this type of gift to your girlfriend will improve your sex life and strengthen your relationship. For your next anniversary you can take the level of kinkiness a bit further and introduce new sex toys or fetishes to your bed. This way, in just a few months you can finally fulfill that wet dream that you have been fantasizing about all your life.

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